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Design Analysis and Optimization

RASCO provides engineering support in the areas of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) to compliment our customers’ engineering capabilities in the built environment. We offer analytical engineering solutions for various building services applications. Our services range from analyzing and diagnosing existing systems to design optimization and performance improvement of systems under development.

Sample Applications

  • Internal Building Systems
  1. Smoke management systems in atria
  2. Ventilation and smoke management systems in tunnels and buildings
  3. Car park ventilation systems and smoke management
  4. Fire spread prediction within buildings
  5. Under floor cooling simulations
  6. Modeling of stratification systems in large assembly spaces
  7. General modeling and assessment of A/C systems in specialized applications (Operation theaters, laboratories, research facilities, large assembly spaces etc…)
  8. Optimization of HVAC design in data centers
  9. Tailored modeling solutions for specific applications 
  • External Building Aerodynamics
  1. Predicting wind loading on buildings, bridges, and other structures
  2. Comfort and safety design in large open urban spaces such as stadiums and street canyons


Sample of tasks offered

  • Translating customers’ designs into a 3D model for appropriate CFD modeling
  • Meshing the 3D model, conducting the analysis, and ensuring numerical convergence
  • Processing and analyzing the results by producing relevant plots, animations, and diagnostics to identify areas of improvement
  • Perform design iterations to meet design requirements
  • Evolving designs based on customer reviews



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